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Fiber Optic Harnesses

1. What is a fiber optic cable harness?


A fiber optic cable harness consists of the number of cables (fixtures) that come with the kit ordered - 4, 8, 12, or 16 - all brought together at a common junction (port), that plugs into the illuminator. The light from the illuminator shines into this harness.


2. What kind of fiber optic cable do IlluminFx units use?


IlluminFx units use end-emitting, multi-strand fiber optic cable. Each cable has 25 strands of acrylic fiber encased in a proprietary, PVC-based, black jacketing.


3. How big are the actual "light fixtures" at the ends of the cables?


The majority of the cable end fixture is only about 3/8th's of an inch in diameter, with a small portion of the fixture measuring about ½ an inch, in diameter. Compare that with about a 3-inch diameter for traditional pond lights and you can see one of the bigger benefits of the IlluminFx systems. Our lights are much easier to hide in your water features.


4. What is the tightest bending radius of the fiber optic cable?


A 2" bending radius is the tightest you should go with the fiber optic cables. Anything tighter than 2" will create kinks and light loss.


5. Can additional cables be added to an existing IlluminFx harness?


Unfortunately, no. It is a function of the "harness" end of the cable group being specifically sized to hold the number of cables ordered.


6. Can additional fiber be spliced onto one of the existing cables?


NO! Attempting this SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the light output at the ends of both the existing cable and the newly spliced fiber. Light needs to travel through a "clean" cable, with no cuts, scores or other abnormalities. Splicing would be an abnormality.


7. If I can see exposed fiber coming from the harness, does that mean the harness is broken or will it affect the light output?


No to both. This will only occur, occasionally, on 16-light harnesses, when the harness itself is too small to handle the jacketing for all 16 cables. It is all right to have some exposed fiber at the harness. But, handle the harness carefully; do not pull on the fibers as they may pull out of the harness.

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