Fiber Optic Lighting

A nighttime paradise right in your own backyard.

IFX Fiber Optic SystemsA specialized light source located in a box called an Illuminator sits outside the pond. Up to sixteen separate fiber optic light cables are bundled together at one end into a common fitting and placed in front of the light source (fiber optic harness). Light shines into the end of the fiber optic cables, travels through the cables, and out the other end, illuminating whatever the designer wishes to light up. Fixtures attached to the end of the cables can be placed underwater, next to the water, in between rocks, or almost anywhere in or out of the pond.
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End Emitting Fiber
IFX End Emitting FiberilluminFx offers several different sizes of
end emitting fiber optic cables to achieve almost any desired lighting effect. Our Twinkle and
Moonbeam fiber is perfect for a subtler, localized lighting effect such as small plants, steps, etc. illuminFx will customize a lighting harness specific to your needs. Description
EEF–06 "Twinkle" Black PVC base jacket, 6 fibers
EEF–12 "Moonbeam" Black PVC base jacket, 12 fibers
EEF–25 "Sunburst" Black PVC base jacket, 25 fibers
EEF–50 "Sunburst 2" Black PVC base jacket, 50 fibers

Fiber Optic Catalog
IFX Side Emitting FiberSide emitting fiber optic lighting cables light out the entire length of the cable, giving a “neon”
like effect, but much safer. Unlike high voltage neon and cold cathode systems, our side emitting
fiber is flexible, can change colors, and carries no electricity. Therefore, it can be placed in and
around water, in locations that are difficult to reach, and in places where electricity is no desired
or possible. This SEF fiber is available in several sizes                    SEF–25 Clear PVC Jacket, 25 fibers, round
SEF–50 Clear PVC Jacket, 50 fibers, round
SEF–75 Clear PVC Jacket, 75 fibers, round
SEF–100 Clear PVC Jacket, 100 fibers, round
SEFFB–25 Clear PVC Jacket, 25 fibers, Flat back (for pools)
SEFFB–50 Clear PVC Jacket, 50 fibers, Flat back (for pools)
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Side Emitting Fiber
IFX LED Fiber Optic Illuminators
IFX LED Fiber Optic IlluminatorsFISH FRIENDLY
Fiber optics works by using refraction to
channel light from a source, e.g. an IlluminFx LED illuminator box, into the end of a small cable,
from which the light will emit. Light travels
through the cable which prevents electricity
or heat from being in the water. This makes it
perfectly safe to use in your water feature, with
no electrical risk to koi or goldfish. Our Illuminators can be RGBW or white light only and available in various wattages. Call us today to talk about your application and see which Illuminator will best for you!
Fiber Optic Catalog
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