Striped Facade

About the project:

A commercial project with a wide front facade that the customer wanted lit up. They also wanted full control over each and every light to create complex lighting programs for holidays and other triggered calendar events. This was a perfect job to put our Spectrum Select system to use.

Each IG15 fixture has a built-in DMX decoder that was addressed correctly at IFX prior to installation. These decoders receive lighting information from our Spectrum Select controller. Each light is also independently powered by our CV series of low voltage 24VDC power supplies.

The Spectrum Select system is accessed from a PC on the interior of the building and the information is then transmitted via DMX cable to the IG15 fixtures. A robust LED lighting program is then used to set up complex lighting shows and setting up triggers for dates and times to signal the lights to play different lighting programs. The Spectrum Select controller then automatically changes the programs as it comes to certain triggered events.




Striped Facade


IG 15 Ingrade LED /
Spectrum Select System