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Fiber Optic Systems

A specialized light source located in a box called an Illuminator sits outside the pond. Up to sixteen separate fiber optic light cables are bundled together at one end into a common fitting and placed in front of the light source (fiber optic harness). Light shines into the end of the fiber optic cables, travels through the cables, and out the other end, illuminating whatever the designer wishes to light up. Fixtures attached to the end of the cables can be placed underwater, next to the water, in between rocks, or almost anywhere in or out of the pond.

Dynamic RGB Color changing shows


RIO enables the designer to create lighting effects ranging from peaceful, tropical sunsets, to crazy concert lighting Imagine a slow wave of blue that evokes the tides of the Ocean.

RIO enables transitions between two colors to be so imperceptibly slow that the mood of the room can be changed without conscious recognition of the lights having changed. Rio’s color and timing options can be used for circadian lighting systems and allow for almost unlimited creativity.